In the last few years, I have seen Salesforce Flow’s massive impact on digital transformation. Customers can now automate the business process using flow without writing code.

At the same time, the flow comes with some limitations. For example, display a table in Screen flow. In the past, I have used the Data table by Eric Smith, which is very helpful. In the Winter’23 release, Salesforce introduced a native Data Table (beta). Let me show you how to use it.

Use Case

Kevin Carter is a System administrator at Appiuss. He has the requirement to display open opportunities for a logged-in user in the screen flow and allow them to select two records. His manager wants to show these fields in the table:

  1. Account Name
  2. Opportunity name
  3. Amount
  4. Closed Date
  5. Stage

Add Data Table to Screen Flow:

  1. Navigate to the Setup | Quick Find box and enter Flows.
  2. Select Flows and click on New Flow | Screen Flow (It will open Flow builder in a new window).
  1. Add a Get Records element to find logged-in users’ open opportunities.
  1. Click Done
  2. Add a Screen Element.
  1. The final step is to add Data Table (Beta) component and configure it. Check out the video for step-by-step instructions.
  1. In the end, let’s run the flow to check out the outcome:
  1. To find out the selected rows use ScreenElementComponenet.selectedRows. In this example, use this {!OpenOpportunity.selectedRows}. Check out the video for step-by-step instructions.
  1. You will get the outcome in comma-separated values as a collection.

Feel free to share your ideas or plan to use Data Table.

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