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Lightning Web Components from Admin Perspective

October 31, 2022|

Lightning Web Components(LWC) is an exciting new technology launched in the Salesforce ecosystem not too long ago. Learning Lightning Web Components as a Salesforce admin has its own advantages. A few of them are: Have [...]

Connect Microsoft Azure SQL Server to CRM Analytics

October 22, 2022|

CRM Analytics, aka Einstein analytics, is a very popular analytics tool. I have used many analytics tools, but when it comes to CRM Analytics has advantages over analytics tools as it is straightforward to use. [...]

A Quick Guide to Learn Tableau Basic Functions

October 6, 2022|

Nowadays, almost every company uses at least one data analytics tool to analyze the data to better understand customer purchasing behavior, sentiments, etc. Such information is very crucial for business growth and planning. Tableau is [...]

How to Access & See Who Viewed My Opportunity

September 17, 2022|

While working with business owners, I found that they want to learn more about how opportunities are moving towards closure and how other reps use the opportunity. Such information helps business leaders improve rep onboarding, [...]

Easiest Way to Add a Table in Lighting Email Templates

September 10, 2022|

In my previous blog, we learned how to use Lightning email builder to create a lightning email template. We have also discovered the usage of merging fields from records, adding HTML (to design email), embedding [...]

DevOps Tool for Salesforce: the Best Options for 2022

August 27, 2022|

DevOps combines two functions typically treated separately: development and operations. DevOps helps organizations with standardized development methodology, clear communication, and documented processes supported by a standards-based, proven middleware platform to improve application development, bring agility, [...]

Salesforce Objects Key Prefix List

July 18, 2022|

Salesforce is designed on a multi-tenant architecture, and it identifies every record uniquely across all orgs by assigning a unique record Id to each record. Now let's spend a few minutes understanding the breakup of [...]

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