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A Beginner’s Guide to Implement Salesforce DevOps Center

July 9, 2022|

DevOps has become the default solution to fixing slow, siloed, or dysfunctional Salesforce development processes. But that doesn't mean much when you're new to the Salesforce DevOps center and unsure where to begin. This article [...]

Salesforce In-app Guidance to Drive User Engagement

June 7, 2022|

As a consultant or admin, things become a little challenging when we implement a new feature or product in the org and have to train users on how to use the new functionality. Earlier, people [...]

Secure Salesforce Data with Transaction Security Policy

May 25, 2022|

Salesforce takes data security very seriously and thus provides tools and technology to make your data more secure. Sensitive information such as banking details, medical records, social security numbers, and personal data is confidential, and [...]

Add Custom Address Fields in Salesforce

May 19, 2022|

Salesforce provides a ton of different fields to store customer-related information. For example, longitude and latitude to store location coordinates can be used to calculate the distance. The one key fields which were missing was [...]

Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release Top 20 Features

May 10, 2022|

The Salesforce Summer '22 ☀️ release is here now with some exciting features and functionality to play around with. Excitement is there for everyone, including Admins, Business Analysts, Developers, Designers, and Architects. Last few days, I have [...]

Enable Person Account with Clicks in Salesforce

April 27, 2022|

Salesforce supports B2B and B2C both. By default, B2B account is enabled in every org. What if you are in a business where you offer your services to the individual consumers as well, like a [...]

Making Name Field Unique in Salesforce

April 21, 2022|

We often received requests to clean up the data in Salesforce. When users are entering the data, they are unaware that the record with the same name exists in the system. Therefore users keep creating [...]

Create Visual Indicators by Adding Emojis

April 14, 2022|

A Visual Indicator helps users quickly locate an essential or distinct record within the list of similar records. Graphics are eye-catching and allow users to understand at first glance as compared to text. Users can [...]

Export SOQL Output to CSV From Visual Studio Code

April 4, 2022|

Salesforce is a big ocean, and every day we learn something. While exploring SOQL in VS Code, I found an ability to export query output to CSV. Isn't it a fantastic way to export query [...]

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