CRM Analytics, aka Einstein analytics, is a very popular analytics tool. I have used many analytics tools, but when it comes to CRM Analytics has advantages over analytics tools as it is straightforward to use. Data blending, transformation, or creating recipes and datasets is just a few clicks away.

Nowadays, Companies use many databases to store product or transaction-related information. Microsoft Azure SOL Server is one of them. This article will teach how to connect CRM Analytics with Microsoft Azure SQL Server. CRM Analytics has an OOTB connector for Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

This connector can sync up to 100 million rows or 50 GB per object, whichever limit it reaches first. When using this connector, Salesforce Government Cloud org data is protected in transit with advanced encryption and can sync up to 10 million rows or 5 GB for each connected object, whichever limit is reached first. Let’s get started:

Use Case

Carol Brook is working as a Data Scientist at Appiuss Inc. She needs to connect the company’s Microsoft Azure SQL Server, which Appiuss uses to store inventory data. 

Let’s help Carol to connect Microsoft Azure SQL Server to CRM Analytics.

Steps to solve the above use case

  1. First, the connection user must have admin (or the proper role assigned) access to the Microsoft Azure SQL server database. 
  2. Second, safelist the CRM Analytics IP address in your Microsoft Azure SQL database.
  3.  Now grab the JDBC-related credentials by navigating to Database | Connection Strings | JDBC.
  4. The final step is to add a new connection in CRM Analytics. 
    1. On the Data Manager’s Connections tab in CRM Analytics, click New Connection.
    2. Select Microsoft Azure SQL Database Connector and click Next.
    3. Enter the connector’s settings as described in the Connection Settings section below.
    4. Click Save & Test to validate your settings. If the connection fails, CRM Analytics shows potential explanations.
    5. To Sync the objects, click the Connection Name | Edit Objects.

  I hope you find this article helpful. I would love to hear from you! Share your tips in the comments!

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