Salesforce is planning to depreciate Workflow Rule and Process Builder in the near future. This means we have to start planning to migrate Workflow Rules and Process Builder to Flow ahead of time. Recently Salesforce has introduced a Migrate to Flow tool which allows us to convert Workflow Rules to Flows using clicks.

Let’s start to convert Workflow Rules to Flows and use them.

Migrate Workflow Rules to Flows

  1. Navigate to Setup | Process Automation | Migrate to Flow (Beta).
  2. Click on the radio button to select Workflow Rule name.
  1. Click on the Migrate to Flow button.
  2. Test or Activate the flow:
    1. Click on Test in Flow Builder button to test and validate the flow.
    2. Click on Switch Activations button to deactivate the workflow rule and activate the flow.
    3. Click on Close button.

Points to Remember

  1. Always test the flow in the flow builder before you activate it.
  2. Migrate to Flow doesn’t support these configurations:
    1. You can’t migrate the workflow rule if it has a field update or criteria that uses the currency data type while multi-currency is enabled.
    2. You can’t migrate the workflow rule if its criteria use the “TODAY” function.
    3. You can’t migrate the workflow rule if it contains TASK workflow actions.
  3. It create 1 flow for each workflow rule ( and number of times you click on Migate to Flow button).

You are Done!!!

I would love to hear about your experience with Migrate To Flow. How do you use it?

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