A Visual Indicator helps users quickly locate an essential or distinct record within the list of similar records. Graphics are eye-catching and allow users to understand at first glance as compared to text. Users can easily differentiate between records with images instead of text fields.

Salesforce has standard visual indicators available that can be displayed through a simple formula field, but there is no need to add images to the files, documents, or static resources anymore.

We can use Emojis instead of using images as Visual Indicators!

Let’s start with a real-time use case.

Use Case

Sara received a message from the sales team that they were losing the leads as they missed identifying the source of the records, which caused a major loss in the business.

You are out of business; if you lose a prospect!


  1. Click Setup. 
  2. In the Object Manager, type Lead and select Lead
  3. Select Field & Relationship, then click New.
  4. Select Formula as Data Type then clicks Next.
  5. Choose output Type
    1. Enter Field Label and the API Name will auto-populate. 
    2. Select Formula Return Type as Text.
    3. Click Next.
  6. Enter the formula:
      "Web", "Web 🌐 ",
      "Email", "Email 📩 ",
      "Phone Inquiry", "Phone ☎️ ",
      "Purchased List", "Purchased List 🛒",
      "Partner Referral", "Referral 🤝 ",
  1. Set the Field-Level Security for the Profiles.
  2. Add this Field to the Page Layout.
  3. Click Save.

Hurray!!! It’s done, don’t forget to add the new field (Lead Origin) to the list view. Let’s see how it looks.

You are Done!!!

I would love to hear about your experience with adding Emojis as visual indicators. How do you use it?

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