Inline editing is the feature that gives the ability to update a field in the record without moving to the record page. Earlier we could use it only in list view, whereas now, it can be used in the reports as well. We need not to drill down into the individual records to change the values and re-run the report, it is a time-saver.

Let’s enable Inline Editing and use it in the report

Enable Inline Editing in Reports

  1. Click Setup. In the Quick Find box, type Reports and Dashboards
  2. Select Reports and Dashboards Settings.
  3. Select the check box – Enable Inline Editing in Reports (Lightning Experience Only) (Beta).
  4. Click on the Save button.

Let’s try to edit values in the report via inline editing.

  1. Click on App Launcher.
  2. Search for Reports and click on Reports.
  3. Click on the report name which you want to run.
  4. Now click on the pencil icon to edit the value in the fields.
  5. Change the value and click on Apply button.
  6. Click on the Save button.

Points to Remember

  1. Inline editing is not supported all field types.
  2. The lock icon means that field is not supported inline editing.
  3. Object Permission: User profile must have edit access to the object, a column is populating from in the report.
  4. Field-level Security: User profile must have edit access to the field, a column is associated with.
  5. Field can’t be marked read-Only.

To check the details of this functionality and counting limitations, see Winter ’22 and Spring ’22 release notes.

You are Done!!!

I would love to hear about your experience using inline editing in reports. How do you use it?

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