Salesforce takes data security very seriously and thus provides tools and technology to make your data more secure.

Sensitive information such as banking details, medical records, social security numbers, and personal data is confidential, and you may not want your users to export such data. Using Transaction Security Policy, you can define events to monitor and take action when that event happens.

Salesforce allows you to monitor the user activity, intercept in real-time and take action based on specific events using Transaction Security Policies.

You have to buy Salesforce Shield or Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring add-on subscriptions to use Transaction Security.

Use Case

Kevin Carter asked Sara (Salesforce Administrator) to make sure that no one can export a report that contains more than 200 rows.

Enhance Transaction Security Policy

We have to perform the steps to enable and create Transaction Security Policies to block users from exporting a report that contains more than 200 rows:

  1. Enable Transaction Security Policies
  2. Set the Transaction Security policy by using Condition Builder

Step 1: Enable Transaction Security Policies

  1. Navigate to Setup | Quick Find box, enter Transaction Security Policies.
  2. Select Transaction Security Policies and click on Enable.

Step 2: Transaction Security Policy with Condition Builder

  1. Navigate to the Transaction Security Policies page and click on New.
  2. Select Condition Builder and click on Next
  1. Define Conditions to trigger the Transaction Security Policy.
    1. Select Event: Report Event.
    2. Add Condition Logic (shown in below screenshot).
    3. Click Next.
  1. Define Action, when the Transaction Security Policy is triggered.
    1. Select Action : Block
    2. Block Message: Default Block Message
    3. Select Notification: Email notification
    4. Recipient: <User Name> (you want to notify).
    5. Enter Name: Report Export Block
    6. Status: Enabled
  2. Click on Finish.

Events actions and their descriptions

Let’s see how it works in real time.

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