As we move deeper into the digital age, data has emerged as one of any business’s most valuable assets. Companies across the globe are leveraging data to drive innovation, inform strategy, and generate incredible value. Among the tools available to businesses today, Salesforce is one of the most powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

However, as with any digital asset, data is susceptible to loss due to hardware failure, human error, cyber-attacks, or other unforeseen circumstances. Backing up Salesforce data regularly and securely can save your organization from the potential catastrophe of data loss. Thankfully, there are many apps designed to do precisely this.

Here are some benefits of using Salesforce backup:

  1. Data protection
  2. Compliance and legal requirements
  3. Disaster recovery
  4. Data retention and long-term archiving
  5. Granular data recovery
  6. Data integrity and consistency
  7. Test and development environments
  8. Business continuity

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five apps to back up Salesforce data, delving into the unique features, advantages, and considerations of each.


OwnBackup is a leading cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution specifically designed for Salesforce. With OwnBackup, you can protect your Salesforce data and metadata, ensuring its availability, integrity, and recoverability.

Firstly, OwnBackup provides automated and comprehensive backups of your Salesforce data. It captures changes and updates in real time, ensuring that your backups are always up to date. Whether it’s standard objects, custom objects, attachments, or Chatter feeds, OwnBackup backs up your data with precision. It also includes metadata backup, preserving your customizations, workflows, reports, and other configuration settings.

Secondly, OwnBackup offers granular recovery options, allowing you to restore specific records, objects, or even individual fields. This level of granularity ensures that you can quickly recover the exact data you need without the need to restore an entire backup. It minimizes downtime and accelerates recovery, enabling you to get back to business operations swiftly.

Thirdly, OwnBackup offers additional data management features beyond backup and recovery. It provides data comparison and validation capabilities, allowing you to identify and resolve discrepancies between backups and your live Salesforce environment. OwnBackup also supports sandbox seeding, enabling you to replicate production data into sandbox or development environments for testing, training, or development purposes.

Here are some Key Features :

  • Scheduled Automatic Backups: OwnBackup enables daily, automatic backups of your Salesforce data, ensuring that your data is always protected.
  • Compare and Restore: OwnBackup allows you to compare data across different backup points and choose what to restore.
  • Sandbox Seeding: This feature allows you to select and anonymize data to create accurate testing and development environments.


Odaseva is a cloud-based data management platform specializing in Salesforce backup and recovery solutions. It offers a range of features and capabilities to ensure the protection, availability, and integrity of your Salesforce data. Here’s a brief overview of Odaseva’s Salesforce backup.

Odaseva’s Salesforce backup solution provides automated, regular backups of your Salesforce data and metadata. It captures changes and updates in real time, ensuring that your backups are up to date. The platform offers flexibility in defining backup schedules and retention periods, allowing you to customize the backup frequency and duration based on your specific needs.

With Odaseva, you can perform granular backups and recovery, enabling you to restore individual records, objects, or even specific fields within objects. This level of granularity ensures that you can recover only the necessary data, reducing downtime and improving efficiency during the restoration process.

To ensure data integrity and compliance, Odaseva employs advanced encryption techniques to secure your data in transit and at rest. Additionally, it provides detailed audit logs and reporting capabilities, enabling you to track and monitor backup activities and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Key Features of Odaseva:

  1. High-Performance Backups: Odaseva supports high-frequency backups, even for large volumes of data.
  2. Data Governance: The app provides advanced reporting and auditing tools to maintain regulatory compliance.
  3. Data Lifecycle Management: With Odaseva, you can easily manage the full lifecycle of your Salesforce data, from creation to archiving.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce

Spanning Backup for Salesforce is a reliable and user-friendly cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution specifically designed for Salesforce. It offers comprehensive data protection, quick and easy data recovery, and advanced data management features.

Spanning Backup provides automated and continuous backups of your Salesforce data. It captures changes in real time, ensuring that your backups are always up to date. It backs up your standard and custom objects, attachments, files, and metadata, ensuring comprehensive data protection. With automated backups, you can have peace of mind knowing that your critical Salesforce data is securely stored and easily recoverable.

Key Features:

  1. Point-in-Time Restore: Spanning Backup provides a detailed, point-in-time view of your data, allowing for precise, granular data restoration.
  2. Metadata Backup: This tool backs up your data and metadata, ensuring your Salesforce configurations are secure.
  3. Daily Status Updates: You’ll receive notifications about the status of your backups, alerting you to any potential issues.


Safeguard your Salesforce data confidently with CloudAlly‘s comprehensive backup and recovery features. By leveraging its seamless integration, automated backups, and secure storage, you can ensure the integrity and availability of your valuable data while meeting compliance requirements.

Key Features of CloudAlly:

  1. Data Resiliency: Protect against accidental deletions, data breaches, and system failures.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: Minimize downtime and quickly recover lost or corrupted data.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Meet data protection regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: Eliminate the need for complex infrastructure and reduce financial risks.

Backupify for Salesforce

Backupify, from Datto, offers robust cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for Salesforce data. It’s renowned for its simplicity and ease of use.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic or On-Demand Backups: Backupify offers scheduled and on-demand backups, providing flexibility in your data protection strategy.
  2. Direct Restore: With Backupify, you can restore data directly to your Salesforce account, saving time and reducing complexity.
  3. Advanced-Data Controls: This feature allows you to maintain control over who has access to your backups, enhancing data security.

In conclusion, while Salesforce is a powerful platform that can drive incredible business outcomes, the data it holds is vulnerable, just like any other digital asset. It’s imperative to have a robust backup strategy in place to protect your Salesforce data. These top five apps offer a range of features and capabilities that can suit different business needs, giving you the peace of mind that your valuable data is safe and recoverable, even when disaster strikes.

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